Danish Minimalism, in SoHo

If you think about it, SoHo is a hardly a delightful neighborhood. It’s full of shops, snobs, and tourists. On the other hand, for those who know or remember, it’s a neighborhood of the past creative mystery.

To experience this mystery, one has to take a stroll along the cobble streets that by midnight become fully deserted, somewhat in a Scorsesean way. If the walk occupies you for too long, you may continue down the road, until you bump into 11 Howard St. That’s where you’re going to stay. The new hotel boasts fatally delightful Danish interiors. Neither the word luxury nor minimal seem appropriate to describe the style, so for the sake of clarity I’ll use Swedish word “lagom” which means “just the right amount”. And there’s plenty of it — let’s take a look.

img_1857Interiors are designed by Anda Andrei of Danish firm Space Copenhagen.

img_1864Element of the love seat

img_1867Detail of the marble table

img_1870Toiletry accessories in the bathroom

img_1879Detail of the arm chair


img_1895Element of the arm chair

img_1898Wall light

img_1900Desk light

img_1906Element of the fining chair

img_1926Terrace in one of the suites

img_1928img_1931Element of the outdoor chair



img_1948A bed throw



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