June 2015


A night table talk with Ji Rook Kim, founder of Unspace. A Japanese-influenced Korean-American architect, he takes apart german cars, designs top-notch restaurants and retail stores in Manhattan and keeps close to nature and sound.

A morning talk with Markus Dorfmann at Baker and Co. — his latest gastronomic creation. Markus told us how drumming helped him get into the restaurant business, why he aligns tables in the mornings and how to please West-Villagers.

New York-based self-made top star hair stylist Alma G shows her own techniques, explains the G in her name and touches upon Kardashians.

A Californian DJ and experienced bartender Kristin Vincent elaborates on the importance of authentic taste, explains how to run three bars and a baby, and recalls sailing with a prince of Serbia to a floating hotel party in Venice.

An awarded design duo Anton Repponen and Irene Pereyra sit in their new Brooklyn studio to elaborate on hand-drawn maps, Amsterdam lesbians and staying at five-star hotels.