Before the opening of the new Hudson Hall I ventured out to Hudson to be stunned once and again with the amount of hidden culture and good taste per square foot.

Where else would you be welcomed by a bright yellow door and a pineapple?
Even a similarity in Hudson has at least four options

City’s favorite symbol

I stopped by at the new expanded Hawkins New York shop (613 Warren St.) for an spark of good taste and some amusing home goods and kitcheware.

2 Note Hudson (255 Warren St.) offers a selection of hand-crafted apothecary and perfumes inspired by classical music.

Talbott & Arding (323 Warren S.) is still one of the best spots in town for gourmet cheeses and prepared food.

Olde Hudson (449 Warren St.) is a perfect spot for sandwiches and groceries. I went for a smoked salmon sandwich with herbed goat cheese, cucumber, red onion and arugula.

Of course, I was especially curious to see the new and modernized Hudson Opera House that I carefully documented just before it closed down in 2016.

The interior has received a full makeover and so has the name — after a long and peculiarly historic debate the building is now called Hudson Hall and is up for a fiery start with new programming and some great creative talent. The grand re-opening ball is scheduled to Saturday, April 22.

Ceiling detail

Hudson Hall has turned from the majorly red palette to a shade that should surely be called “Pantone Hudson Grey”. It did make the interior more reserved and ascetic (and, I’d say, safely tasteful) to the point where it almost lacks character. I’m sure, when the building opens to the public it will gain some color accents and accessories.

Another grand venue — Basilica Hudson — hosts art exhibitions, performances and design markets throughout the year.

Time to catch a train back to New York — thank you Hudson for a another inspiring weekend.

Hudson Photo Journal

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