First and foremost, Arthurious is a destination for a curious observer. It’s a media platform for people who deeply care about details in the city: architecture, typography, textures and materials, light and shadow, the symbolic meaning of language, the unexpected moments of social interaction — where meanings collapse to create moments of cultural delight. These moments struck up questions — at times, uncomfortable questions. Are we living to the top of our mental capacity? How do we see more, appreciate more of the urban environment we live in? Is there still place for wonder and discovery in our ever-manufactured lifestyle?

Through a series of interviews with city dwellers, design reviews, and photo city reports, we’re trying to define and give voice to the new, cultured, and more sophisticated urban class.

Design Research Studio
We focus on graphic design, street photography, and insightful storytelling. As our small team of designers, writers, and photographers strolls the streets of cities around the world, we challenge each other to cut through the tourist hype, and with a careful eye and a witty mind, re-interpret our jottings, photographs and thoughts into design projects. For instance, in Characters of Amsterdam, we had to photograph hundreds of handmade door numbers to then turn them into a typeface and in our latest project — City Patterns — we’re creating an ever-growing collection of illustrative motives inspired by our favorite culture destinations. We’re open for bespoke collaborations on patterns, clothing, retail windows, stationery, and urban design:

Brand Storytelling
We’re helping brands tell stories through the lens of a curious inquisitive urbanite. Projects include lifestyle product catalogs, promo web pages, photo editorials, custom city, retail, and hospitality reports, and social marketing concepts. For inquiries, email

Become a patron for one of our website sections — interviews, city reports, or product design reviews. Your logo will appear on the section page and at the bottom of each post in the section. Your brand will also get continuous shoutouts on our social media. There’re currently 3 vacancies starting $700/month.

Advance copies for review
You’re free to send me upcoming books on language, design, anthropology, psychology, social sciences, biographies, and monographs for a review on If you’d like to send me a copy, first email at

Invitations to events
If you’re hosting a fascinating workshop, conference, concert, book reading, or presentation, I’ll gladly attend and spread the word to the Arthurious readers. That said, I can’t guarantee that “fascinating” is a universal term and can be applied to any event freely. Invitations are welcome at


I've been exploring cities and neighborhoods for as long as I remember myself, documenting my observations and discoveries with photographs and in my journals. This mindful wondering has inspired and greatly fueled my design and research work, parts of which I'm sharing in this journal. Drop me a line at