In terms of timing, photography is quite a recent storytelling medium. Appeared a mere couple of hundred years ago, it has evolved over time from a way to documenting everything from a family portrait to landscapes, war zones, street scenes, and beyond. In the end, I don’t know anyone who described photography better that Susan Sontag: “To collect photographs is to collect the world.”

I like “The Photography Show” because of the way it reflects the worldliness of photography today. Through an eclectic but fine curation, the show manages to hit the spot and to give a taste of a multitude of viewpoints of what is considered photography today. This year I was especially excited to see an extended section of photo book publishers — showcasing a selection of fine and beautiful photo books, all crafted with attention to the final product I’ve never seen in book publishing before.

Pier 92/94, a stunning space to show art with some good daylight
A Piece from Robert Koch gallery from San Francisco

A photo book publisher section I was excited to discover
Conveyor Editions, a small publisher based in Jersey City. See my list of favorite publishers at the end of the post 👇.

Steidl stand. If you haven’t seen Gerhard Steidl’s documentary on the tremendously detailed approach to making books, make sure to watch it

Silas Finch, a foundation, and publisher based Upstate New York
Brooklyn-based TIS Books

“Sein” book release by Japan-based publisher Super Labo has a special supplement with an art print


My Favorite Photo Books from 2018 AIPAD Photography Show

1. Cézanne’s Objects by Joel Meyerowitz (Aperture) $36 on Amazon, 2. Seeing Things by Joel Meyerowitz (Aperture) $17 on Amazon, 3. Mapping, Conveyor Magazine No. 2 (Conveyor) $20, 4. Daily, in a Nimble Sea by Barry Stone (Silas Finch) $75 on Amazon, 5. Interviews and Conversations by Henri Cartier-Bresson (Aperture) $18 on Amazon

Photo Book Publishers


  1. TIS Books (Brooklyn)
  2. Aperture (New York)
  3. Artbook (New York)
  4. Kris Graves Projects (Queens, NYC)
  5. Light Work (Syracuse, NY)
  6. Silas Finch (Upstate NY)
  7. Conveyor Editions (Jersey City, NJ)
  8. 21st Editions (South Dennis, MA)
  9. Daylight Books (Durham, NC)
  10. Harper’s Books (East Hampton)
  11. Hesse Press (LA)
  12. Lodima Press (Ottsville, PA)
  13. Minor Matters (Seattle)
  14. Radius Books (Santa Fe, NM)
  15. TBW Books (Oakland, CA)
  16. Twin Palms (Santa Fe, NM)
  17. Zatara Press (Richmond, VA)


  1. AKIO NAGASAWA Gallery (Tokyo)
  2. Damiani (Italy)
  3. L’artiere (Italy)
  4. Mack (London)
  5. Super Labo (Japan)

See floor map and exhibitors

The Photography Show

April 5—8
Pier 94 (Midtown)
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