Paterson, New Jersey is not far form a cultural renaissance. For me, it’s enough that it’s home to my favorite paper store and that Jim Jarmush has set his said film here set a wonderful film here. I was glad to have discovered another great reason to go to Patterson for a day or park there for a little longer — the Art Factory.

Once an immense textile factory (Miesch Manufacturing, Dolphin Jute, and Barbour Flax were housed here), Art Factory is a 400,000 square feet conglomerate comprised of 24 buildings right in the center of Paterson city, 12 miles away from Manhattan. I ventured out for a behind-the-scenes tour of the massive premises so coveted as a film location for brands like Harley Davidson, Timberland and Disney.

One of the many large spaces available for filming or events.

Excellent views of Paterson city.

Most of the spaces are left as intact as possible.

On-site wood shop with CNC machines, laser cutters and other woodworking tools — members have 24/7 access to the facility.

Next door — a metal shop. Members use it for all kinds of metal work, store signage, accessories, retail displays, and stage decor.
Remaining of a sculpture left outdoors after a recent art exhibition.
An onsite park.
One of the many connecting stairs in between the building.

Art Factory has gained a reputation in the film and photo industry as “Holywood East.” Filmmakers, photographers, advertising production companies nationwide and from countries as far as the UK and South Korea are choosing the Art Factory as the location for their film and photo shoots. Mainly for its resemblance of old new york with its cobblestone streets, brick covered walls and the sheer variety of warehouse style spaces, nooks and crannies – all in one single location. Art Factory is attracting a daily flow of professionals from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and California for shooting commercials, television shows, music videos, and promotional videos.

The Art Factory

 70 Spruce St., Paterson, NJ (Show on Google Map)

Directions from New York City

Take 190 Paterson Local from Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42 St. One-way trip is $7 and will take 1 hour. See latest bus schedule.

What can you do at the Art Factory?

  1. Take a free tour. You’ll be guided around all the main spaces. Sign up.
  2. Rent a studio. 24/7 access to all spaces including metal and wood shops. Wi-Fi, heat and power are included. Starting at $500 per month.
  3. Photograph. Use any room, however big for your lifestyle shoot. $100 per person for a full day.

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Shot at the Art Factory


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