A Day in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Greenpoint is one of the most charming places in New York City. For as much multi-culturalism there is to enjoy in the city, this neighborhood proves that a decent difficulty of getting there yet extreme proximity to the center allows it to carve its own authentic style and rhythm, unaffected by the turmoil of Manhattan. It is home to outstanding restaurants, and coffee shops and now an emerging hub for refined design culture with boutique shops and markets popping up on every corner.

“Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday

If you search for the most influential books on stoicism (a philosophical school that fosters facing the reality of life and cutting down on personal delusions or unreachable passions), you’ll notice an interesting gap.
On top of the list, there’s Marcus Aurelius, a Roman emperor who lived two thousand years ago. Then, there’s Seneca, a Roman philosopher and writer who lived in the times as distant. And then, there’s Ryan Holiday, a 29-year-old former marketing director at American Apparel and writer from Sacramento. What’s fascinating, is that in two thousand years the message has hardly changed. Ryan’s latest book, “Ego is the Enemy”, is a timely reminder of true values the modern society decided to put on hold: humility, discipline, patience, and personal principles.

Walking Guide to San Francisco

San Francisco is its own country with liberal values, handsomely manifested through visual cues scattered in all its neighborhoods. As one takes a closer look at the doors and windows, more unexpected elements pop up: buzzers are cocky, even avant-garde; door numbers in all possible colors and materials are crafted with a leisurely bravery only a San Franciscan can afford. For a careful observer, there’s plenty of material to see and capture — start with textures, artifacts, and signs.

What to wear for Mozart

Ten in the evening is hardly common time for a classical music concert. Especially, for one set at a most charming New York penthouse, surrounded by the hum of the Midtown skyline and…

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