Walking Exploration of The Bronx

If you’ve travelled to every other part of New York City, if the airports are all closed, and the roads are washed out by the storm, you may consider taking the number two express train to the Bronx. Yes — the Bronx is the only borough in the city with a definite article in its name. There is Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and then there’s the Bronx.

Do not expect to find design shops, galleries, independent bookshops or espresso bars — the standard set of culture markers that we, urbanites, crave to connect with a place. What the Bronx offers instead, is plenty of visual material to understand the role of suburbia in a large city.


bronx_1500px-4435Advertising is addressing the issues of crime, poverty, and drugs.

bronx_1500px-4439City details are at times uptight.

The only hope for the Bronx to improve on its visual culture is history.




img_4470Andrew Freedman’s Home used to be a hotel but ran out of money and turned into something of an impromptu event space.

bronx_1500px-4445Wall postings contain all the essential inspiration a blocked writer may need.

bronx_1500px-4450A rare wooden road sign still on duty in the Bronx.

bronx_1500px-4446Latin graphic design language screams from almost every public wall.

bronx_1500px-4469Music classes.



bronx_1500px-4487A most graceful way to escape the Bronx is High Bridge. From it, the turmoil of the metropolis is unveiled with magnified rigor. Bye for now, the Bronx.

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