Inside Craft


New York-based self-made top star hair stylist Alma G shows her own techniques, explains the G in her name and touches upon Kardashians.

A Californian DJ and experienced bartender Kristin Vincent elaborates on the importance of authentic taste, explains how to run three bars and a baby, and recalls sailing with a prince of Serbia to a floating hotel party in Venice.

An awarded design duo Anton Repponen and Irene Pereyra sit in their new Brooklyn studio to elaborate on hand-drawn maps, Amsterdam lesbians and staying at five-star hotels.

Jakarta-based fashion designer Barli Asmara is a humble soul and beautiful talent. His biggest dream is to walk his dog on a beach, cut fresh fruit and design a dress for Celine Dion.

Four years ago, Patrick Glynn quit his day job in Wisconsin, packed everything he had and moved to New York to open Monroe Trades — a tiny charming workshop for reclaimed home and display goods.