Design Futures

Director at Design Futures Lab at Drexel University Nicole Koltick shares her views on how technology will eventually change us and how we can change technology now

Work Wanders

Acclaimed Dutch furniture designer Marcel Wanders shares his curiosities and his vision of what it takes to come up with a creative idea

Data Plans

Information designer Nicholas Felton shares the many ways he has been measuring and visualizing his life

Drawing Conclusions

I caught up with illustrator Wendy MacNaughton in her studio overlooking the San Francisco Bay to recap on drawn journalism, her creative choices and passions, and cats. Infinitely observant, her illustrations are a manifestation of reflective humanism and an insatiably curious mind.

Do Disturb

Paolo Calvento is a concierge at the Bowery Hotel in Lower East Side, New York. I took some of his time to talk about Wes Anderson, peculiar guest requests and his numerous but modest tattoos.

Natural Affection

A night table talk with Ji Rook Kim, founder of Unspace. A Japanese-influenced Korean-American architect, he takes apart german cars, designs top-notch restaurants and retail stores in Manhattan and keeps close to nature and sound.

Fest Village

A morning talk with Markus Dorfmann at Baker and Co. — his latest gastronomic creation. Markus told us how drumming helped him get into the restaurant business, why he aligns tables in the mornings and how to please West-Villagers.


New York-based self-made top star hair stylist Alma G shows her own techniques, explains the G in her name and touches upon Kardashians.

Mixing Queen

A Californian DJ and experienced bartender Kristin Vincent elaborates on the importance of authentic taste, explains how to run three bars and a baby, and recalls sailing with a prince of Serbia to a floating hotel party in Venice.

A Couple of Ideas

An awarded design duo Anton Repponen and Irene Pereyra sit in their new Brooklyn studio to elaborate on hand-drawn maps, Amsterdam lesbians and staying at five-star hotels.

In Simple Fashions

Jakarta-based fashion designer Barli Asmara is a humble soul and beautiful talent. His biggest dream is to walk his dog on a beach, cut fresh fruit and design a dress for Celine Dion.

Man of Trades

Four years ago, Patrick Glynn quit his day job in Wisconsin, packed everything he had and moved to New York to open Monroe Trades — a tiny charming workshop for reclaimed home and display goods.

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