Playlist: Dusk in the City

The buzz down, Arthurious stood by the window observing the city calming down and getting ready to rest. His record player kept playing unheard tunes:

  1. ”I Can’t Be Bothered” by Hugh Coltman
  2. “BeBe Nu Kusakaiga” by Takashi Hirayasu and Bob Brozman
  3. “Says” by Nils Frahm
  4. “Further South” by Yann Tiersen
  5. “Suddenly” by Nadeah
  6. “Lover” by Nir Felder
  7. “Woman” by City and Colour
  8. “The Lights of New York” by Clem Leek
  9. “Take it Easy” by Vanessa Carlton
  10. “Zhuravli” by Mujuice

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