One of my most favorite things to do on on 4th of July is exploring NYC while everyone left for the holiday. This year, I headed to Elmhurst and Jackson Heights, Queens. A mere 30 minute train ride away from Midtown Manhattan, it’s a world of its own and a heaven for exploring authentic Thai food.

A stretch of Broadway densely fit with contemporary Thai eateries
A sidewalk shoe vendor set up a workshop
At Pata Market, a tiny Thai grocery store, you’ll find authentic snacks and some inspiring prepared foods
Khao Nom is another great Thai place in Elmhurst. It features varieties of Thai desserts and Thai street foods
One of the most overlooked Thai eateries, Khao Kang, features a variety of fish and meat buffet items prepared the same day
One of the most tender pork dishes I’ve had
Lockwood, a local outpost of the Astoria-based design shop offering gifts and home goods
Farine Baking Company is part an excellent bakery and part a lunch spot filled with locals
One of the many storefronts offering traditional Pakistani dresses
A stopover at Patel Brothers for some unique desserts. Patel Brothers is one of the largest supermarkets in the area offering Indian food
HK Food Court is a convenient way to get a taste of all things Chinese, Tibetan, Vietnamese, Thai, and Japanese
If you want some authentic food shopping experience, head to US Supermarket. One of the best place for fruits and vegetables in the neighborhood


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