Shopping For Stories, Not Products, at a New Store in SoHo

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If there’s a word I could digest to pair with “shopping”, it would be “mindful”. Buying a desk piece or a pair of shoes can be easily automated and deprived of its meaning. To me, a more becoming alternative is to care and to get in-depth with what I am buying; why I am buying it, what mind created it, and what I can learn from it. Good Goods, a new collective design store in SoHo seems to be targeted at doing just that by curating a handsome collection of stationery, accessories, and home goods — all focused around their makers, the processes, and the story behind them.


Small batch flavor extracts by Woodward Extract Co. made in Brooklyn


Tenon Mirror by UMÉ, an everyday life interiors company Based in Oakland, CA


Bouton Trays by UMÉ


Darzah shoes are embroidered by refugee & low-income women living in Palestine


The store is 2,000 square feet of space








Bike rack by GOUX


Tea by Besteas




Good Goods

 121 Prince St., SoHo (Map)

 Mon, Wed—Sat: 11—7; Tue: 12—7; Sun: 12—6


Instagram: @goodgoodsmarket

Upcoming workshops at Good Goods

  1. October 28 at noon: Leather Wallet Workshop. Techniques include cutting, hand sewing, and embossing, to create your own personalized wallet. All materials are provided. ($80, sign up)
  2. November 4 at noon: Intro to Paper Marbling. An introduction to a method of printmaking in which paint is floated and manipulated on the surface of thickened water to create a unique design. ($45, sign up)
  3. November 18 at 1 p.m.: Spoon Carving Workshop.  Learn to plan, mark, and prep material for shaping, then explore various shaping techniques with the use of hand tools. After sanding and sealing you’ll leave with a finished spoon of your own. ($125, sign up)

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