A Day in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Greenpoint is one of the most charming places in New York City. For as much multi-culturalism there is to enjoy in the city, this neighborhood proves that a decent difficulty of getting there yet extreme proximity to the center allows it to carve its own authentic style and rhythm, unaffected by the turmoil of Manhattan. It is home to outstanding restaurants, and coffee shops and now an emerging hub for refined design culture with boutique shops and markets popping up on every corner.
10729212_10103732k32389748_170307912_nA view on the cab by the Box House Hotel from Pulaski Bridge.

img_5636Midtown Manhattan as seen from Pulaski Bridge.

img_5642Next to the studio of a local sculptor.

img_5658A hand-painted door sign — one of many examples of Greenpoint’s love for authenticity.

img_5665Milk & Roses, a local restaurant with a library set, a grand piano, and live streaming of the only radio station I listen to — FIP from Paris.

img_5673Eastern District offers fresh produce from all over the country, has a large selection of cheeses and craft beers, and an array of freshly-made sandwiches.



img_5707Inside East River Tattoo shop.

img_5714Recently opened Swetleaf is a coffee shop with a roaster in the back. This particular location serves one of the best espressos in New York (and plays one of the most hideous music playlists too — highly dependent on the barista’s preferences).


img_5725I get too emotional with colored chalk.

img_5730A casual stroll in Greenpoint is full of freedom, space and serenity.


img_5739Bakeri is a wonderful pastry and sandwich cafe set in a French village.

img_5743Hand-crafted signs.

img_5753The beautiful interiors of Eagle Trading Co. are overshadowed by the poor quality of their coffee.

img_5754More hand-painted signage.



img_5770Wolves Within offers a curated selection of casual clothing for men and women.


img_5779Duke’s Liquor Box could have been based in Knoxville, but it’s here in Greenpoint.


img_5783Home of the Brave is my favorite design shop in North Brooklyn. Inside, a refined, highly tasteful selection of homeware and stationery from around the world.



img_5802In God We Trust on Greenpoint Ave. specializes in vintage-inspired mens and womens goods.


img_5808Word is the only general bookstore in Greenpoint, filled with light and (again) undeniable charm. Downstairs is a literary salon for book readings and other literary gatherings.

img_5827The newcomer in Greenpoint’s design hub, is Porter James with an array of great reclaimed furniture and home accessories.

img_5821A door stop and mat at Porter James.

img_5837Shelves at You & Yours Fine Vintage piled with rare and dramatic finds for a peculiar taste.

img_5840Inside Academy Records.


img_5843View at Oak Street.

img_5870Some architectural details brought from Poland.




img_6864Sign dilemma.


img_6875Greenpoint Wood Exchange is home to 12 woodworking studios and workshops.

img_6878McGolrick Park is set in 1990s Warsaw.



img_6898Vinnie’s Pizza serves one of the best slices in the city (topped probably by Two Boots).


img_6910The staff at Vinnie’s Pizza doesn’t lose a moment to put on a gag.


img_6919The hallways in Greenpoint are at times enimagtic.

img_6920Kimchee Market offers some authentic Korean groceries in a Scandinavian setting.


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