Exploring Harlem

If you get bored of Central Park, head north to Harlem. While exploring the neighborhood today, I bumped into the park of my dreams — rocky, smart, beautiful place with public art, an amphitheater, and a swimming pool.

IMG_7386On the rocks — a plywood sculpture.

IMG_7419Locals of all colors.

IMG_7396Standing at the highest point of Harlem, the city of jazz.


IMG_7449The only point where New York skyline is hard to identify.

IMG_7423Richard Rogers Amphitheatre was quite empty and uneventful.


IMG_7426Moving on — Manhattan manholes.

IMG_7430Manhattan buzzers.

IMG_7433And Manhattan couches.

IMG_7373A widely spread local seating solution.

IMG_7440Acts of local storytelling.

IMG_7425Fence element.

IMG_7435No parking sign.

IMG_7436Another Arthurious mobile.

IMG_7437Purple is the most common color in Harlem.

IMG_7438Local sign.

And then, of course, I had to hop on the One train downtown to Julliard School just in time for the private concert of young composers. The concert was phenomenal. You can imagine, I forgot the way to the elevator and stumbled upon dozens of cellos, drums, and pianos scattered around the corridors — a surreal scene. For a moment, I wanted to summon my sleeping bag to dispatch myself under a grand piano and spend a night right there in the middle of New York but alas.

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By the way, a cello case for a musician is like a pair of chopsticks for a Korean — it’s yours: it stays with you, it ages with you, it struggles with you (and flies with you on the plane).



Looking forward to more Julliard performances — I’ll be listing them in the upcoming issues of Culture Agenda, don’t forget to subscribe. Catch up on my field explorations on Instagram and Twitter.

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