New York’s Most Compelling Holiday Windows 2016

Every holiday season, a handful of skilled display artists and visual storytellers conquer the windows on Fifth and Madison Avenues to sedate the glittery angst of holiday shopping with a pinch of an authentic narrative. Most shops choose to remain in the land of the average, but some boutiques decide to turn their windows into spectacular theater stages. I took a quick stroll Uptown to see what inspired display artists this year and to study the creative influences behind these sets.
Club Monaco Holiday Window 2016
The most common theme this year is greenery and summer crave as seen here in Club Monaco

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Window 2016
Bergdorf Goodman turned to the more elaborate exotic expression

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Window 2016

img_4311 At Barneys, the green jungle theme is amplified with video projections (#lovepeacejoyproject)

Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Window 2016Someone seems to have left to zoo doors open, for there are plenty of wild creatures, real and imagined, this year

Macy’s Holiday Window 2016
More creatures at Lord & Taylor

Macy’s Holiday Window 2016

Macy’s Holiday Window 2016

img_4326 Louis Vuitton

Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Window 2016
Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Window 2016

Moncler Holiday Window 2016

Bottega Veneta Holiday Window 2016
Bottega Veneta

img_4370 Morgenthal Frederics

Anya Hindmarch Holiday Window 2016
Anya Hindmarch

Eileen Fischer Holiday Window 2016
At Eileen Fischer, goodness turns into design. Some of the decor is created out of the clothes donated by their customers.

img_4344 And then, there’s COS with their ever-persistent celebration of architectural shapes and no trace of holiday turmoil

Acne Studios
Quite refreshing to see Acne Studios’ playful display entering the lands of Uptown

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