Jersey City is one of the most overlooked neighbors of New York City. While most towns and urban environments around the Big Apple have learne to sacrifice their identity, JC has been creating and thriving in its own creative mark. I ventured out to explore some of its neighborhoods and cultural pockets.

One of the most stunning details in the old part of Jersey City is its ornate doors
A classic mailbox with a narrow opening — naturally fits only letter-size envelopes

Jersey Wines and Spirits is curated and run by local beer and wine enthusiasts and features a unique selection of both worldly and local brands


Owner at Jersey Wines and Spirits is a beer connoisseur and has tasted every brew at the store


An entire section dedicated to local brews


Dolya is a cafe serving blini — a Russian kind of crepe

I tried this one is called “Babushka” — stuffed with mashed potatoes, sautéed onion, applewood bacon, cheddar, scallion, and horseradish cream
Local tree guards


At Casa Mona you’ll find a beautiful selection of exotic plants and gifts for home

Prato Bakery, an authentic Italian bakery with pastry and delicious sandwiches
The sandwich in the middle is Pan Brioche Maremme — with fennel salami, buffalo mozzarella, tomato, and arugula
An entrance to Madame Claude Bis — a charming bistro and bar hosted in an old building
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Madame Claude Bis’ co-owner Mattias Gustafsson performs live music with his gypsy jazz band “Manouche Bag”

The Thirsty Quaker takes a fresh approach on the beer store, hosting craft beer making workshops and sourcing beer-making equipment


Dixon Mills was a manufacturing facility by pencil inventor Joseph Dixon in 1800s. At the time of Dixon’s death in 1869, the Joseph Dixon Crucible Company was the largest manufacturer of graphite products in the world. By 1870, The Joseph Dixon Crucible Company was the world’s largest dealer and consumer of graphite. By 1872 the Dixon company was making 86,000 pencils a day



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