A Day in Kingston, NY

Recently I learned that Kingston was the capital of New York State for one short year, so when I was heading up there for a weekend exploration, I was prepared to see the architecture and the street details much grander than in other places in the area. It turned out, that the historic layer of Kingston is just the surface. Empowered, but not chained by its past, Kingstonians seem to have carved a beautiful island of creativity and emerging culture, not as meticulous and guideline-driven as in Hudson and not quite as charmingly disarrayed as in Beacon. Here’s what I found.



Clove & Creek (73 Broadway) offers a curated selection of home goods, apothecary, and stationery as well as drip coffee by Parlor



A collection of apothecary made in-house


Milne’s At Home Antiques (81 Broadway) offers and eclectic selection of mid-century furniture and unique home goods



Collection of chess boards at Milne’s At Home Antiques







Kingston Wine Co. (65 Broadway) is a beautiful indie wine shop with tastings and a wine share program


Prices are hand-marked directly on each bottle


South Manor (25b Broadway), a curious shop of new and old books, tea, and gifts


Municipal map of Kingston waterfront
Public book sharing program


Redstart (1 West Strand St), an airy coffee bar & cafe




Local artist Matthew Pleva is finishing a mural as part of the local O+ festival



Amusingly, the Italian American Foundation was hosting an annual celebration of all things Italian: with delicious food and some Frank Sinatra


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