Inside Largest Poster Museum in the World

My most cherished discoveries happen in the places I have passed a million times, distracted with thoughts and with no intention of learning anything new. When they happen, and they do, every so often, I’m the happiest man. This is how I bumped into Philip Williams Posters down in Tribeca, unwarned and immediately stunned. Amid thousands of posters, large and small on war propaganda, civil rights, whiskey, and films I see immense historical significance, or as Mr. Williams puts it “art in a time capsule”. There’s material for years of design research on typography, illustration styles, color palettes, and printing. It’s also a crash course in communication design, for posters are the ultimate embodiment of clarity and brevity, a decisive piece of inspiration and social change. I stopped by for a short tour and chat with the founder.

Founder Philip Williams has been in poster business for 45 years
Archives of Life magazine
Posters are stored and shipped in tubes
A poster for The National Theatre of the Deaf

IMG_7360Posters from Germany, France, and Poland

IMG_9146The restoration and mounting studio is downstairs

IMG_9151All posters are mounted on canvas before they are ready for shipping


IMG_9160Some posters are restored at the studio


IMG_9172A poster for Taittinger champagne


Philip Williams Posters
Open daily 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., closed on Sundays

122 Chambers St., Manhattan
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