Did you know that rats are crazy smart?

I used to have hard times with the snooze button.

I quit my job and sold my house to move to New York. Just filled up two suitcases and came here.

Sometimes, vintage can be useful too.

Few people know what they are going to do when they move to New York. I used to walk all day introducing myself to every single person in the street.

I’m a fixer.

There are always ways to connect with people.

A twenty-four-hour working day sounds good to me.

I only expect style and functionality to come in one, nothing other that that.

Ideas come from music.

Once I had a custom-made bed, but it couldn’t get through the door, so I had to cut it in half.

I listen to people.

When you start, you know nothing.

Who even wants to work in sales?

If only all things could be foldable.

Sometimes, thinking distracts creative process.

I didn’t start drinking coffee until I moved to New York.

I can’t sit still.

I try not to pay attention to people who don’t follow their dreams.

New York is a very competitive city. It’s fun, though.

I am not a winter person. Sorry, Wisconsin.

The only way to learn is to exchange ideas. The only way to exchange ideas is to allow for a dialogue.

Every experience is valuable.

I don’t mind noise.

Knowing that people around me are working on something they like is quite inspiring.

New York is this convoluted inspiration machine.

I have about fifty v-necks.

I still skateboard.

I had to stop collecting because it started to get too crowded in my place.

Recently, I read “The Dirt” — a story behind Mötley Crüe, and “Mole People” — a story of people who live in the subway tunnels. I like that kind of odd truthful stories.

I am happy.

Who knows — maybe, I end up in LA.

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