With a New Espresso Machine, Illy Pays Homage to the Origins

In 1935, Francesco Illy introduced the first automatic espresso machine. Using the cues from the original design, Illy just released a special anniversary edition — reminiscent of the shapes and with the original Illy logo inspired by the pressure gauge.

The X1 Anniversary uses capsules to operate — a handy and quick way to get a shot on a busy day. Max Watman of The Daily Beast has tested the machine:

Turning it on from dead cold, it is up to temperature in one minute and 14 seconds, and a shot of coffee is pulled in just over another 32.
Although the X1 offers no room for adjustment, I have found that it doesn’t need any. Automatically, the water is heated to between 88°-93°C (190°-200°F) and then is pushed through exactly seven grams of coffee at a pressure of nine or more atmospheres. Giving up that much control was a new experience for me, but I’ve come to appreciate it. The proof is in the cup.




Illy X1 Anniversary 1935

Buy on illy.com ($695)

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