Exploring Newark, NJ

Newark, so close in the way it’s pronounced to New York, was once a bustling center next to its big brother. Today it’s hard to pinpoint the overall vibe — yes, there’s Rugers University taking up most of the downtown, there’s Ironbound famous for its Portuguese community but other than that it’s hard to understand

All hydrants in Newark are yellow with a green cap. On the left, a local trash bin found in Ironbound neighborhood has a special additional bin for cigarettes
A bag used possibly for collecting mail that doesn’t fit in a particular mailbox

A very common door detail in Newark is the storm doors (on the right) typically used together with regular wooden doors behind them

Big part of local residential architecture may look blaspheming to a trained architect — amorphous shapes with lots and lots of curves and angles
This could be a slum in Madrid
Local Crown Bank
The front of the house if often decorated with tiles

A common visual detail in front of homes are biblical subjects expressed through ceramic tiles
When is Newark, play soccer. Because of its large Portuguese community, sports interests change too

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