Sometimes a place’s identity is obvious — for example, you can tell a fishing town from a factory town or a town full of politicians. Once a place acquires an image, it can choose to build-up on it or turn over and seek a new one. That’s what happened on Long Island’s North Fork, — when someone realized that the island has the climate very similar to that of in parts of France. Grapes were planted and local wineries started producing their first vintages. In just a few years over 50 vineyards and wineries were established on the Northern-most tip of the island. This has attracted thousands of curious folk including designers, makers, and culture-setters. I ventured out to NoFo (as locals like to call it) to talk to some of them and uncover the new culture scene.

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First stop —Bridge Lane Wines, making a simple selection of 5 wines in all shapes of containers: from conventional bottles, to boxes, to kegs, and just recently, cans

Simple pastel colors for Bridge Lane labels

Downtown Mattituck, NY boasts Lombardi’s, an exquisite Italian market
From brick oven pizza, to an extensive charcuterie, and delicious meats and pastries

A short drive from Mattituck is Pindar Vineyards, with acres and acres of vines

Tasting room at Pindar Vineyards

At Touchgoods, old is handsomely mixed with the new — including an exquisite small selection of vintage books, manuals, and magazines. All curated by founder Norine Pennacchia

White Flower Farmhouse, a serene store for home textiles and basic apothecary

Southold Opera

North Fork Roasting Co., a coffee roaster and espresso bar
Greenporter Hotel
The lobby at Greenporter Hotel

The Weathered Barn is a modern general store offering apothecary, home goods, and quirky gifts inspired by nature

Spirited, a beautiful liquor store with an eclectic selection of local and international wines and spirits
At American Beech a lodge-restaurant-bar-shop, a magical story could have been taken out of a Jules Verne book — all curated by the sharp eye of fashion designer Alex Vinash

Local tree guard in Greenport

Beall & Bell offers an inspired mix of mid-century modern furnishing and home goods

One of the common details in Greenport — authentic iron fences of an unbelievably humble beauty
Put your car on a ferry — that way
A good thing about living on the North Fork is having ocean all around you, hence a large number of locals own all kinds of boats and vessels. Where do Greenporters service their boats? At Greenport Boatworks, North of the village

North of Greenport, Kontokosta is the North Fork’s first and only waterfront winery

The back yard (field) at Kontokosta — a magical experience

Of course, I couldn’t miss the sunset at what’s supposed to be the best place for that — the recently renovated Sound View hotel

At that point I was so staggered that I couldn’t move an inch so I’ll leave you right here, watching the sunset

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