Fresh New Designs from NY Now 2017 Market Show

A drizzling melancholy of Midtown Manhattan was quick to turn into a buzzy vibe at the Javits Center, which for a mere couple of days became a primary destination for the fresh and new design goods presented by exhibitors from around the world. It’s very likely that a quirky notebook from your local design shop or a scented candle you received on your birthday originated — in one way or another — at the NY Now, a trade show where new designs are presented and sold. I decided to cut through the crowds and study the floor myself, picking only the goods that seemed fascinating, inventive and somewhat delightful at a time when our world has become so serious.

Biodegradable tableware made of bamboo by Japanese company Wasara
Yet another inventive display solution from Yield, a photo stand made out of marble
Irregularly shaped Cutting boards at Hawkins New York
Kitchenware by Umbra
Japanese hat maker practicing the craft at Ishidasebou

A notebook series by School of Life

A young German brand Notabag is presenting new types of bags for the city
Desk accessories by Areaware
Urban gardening made easy by Urban Agriculture
Briefcase by Italian company Essent’ial made of recycled paper
Page Book Ends by Block

A set of concrete blocks, each with different top angles, made by Logifaces — a wonderful puzzle for a creative break
Collection of home goods and maps by Roam
Collection of notebooks and organizational tools from Norway by Darling Clementine
Wander Ware wine glass made of enameled steel designed by Fred Studio

Incense by Norden

Index of brands

  1. Time Concept
  2. Wasara
  3. Yield
  4. BioLite
  5. Hawkins New York
  6. Umbra Shift
  7. Ishidasebou
  8. Wave Tableware
  9. School of Life
  10. Notabag
  11. Areaware
  12. Essent’ial
  13. Block
  14. Logifaces
  15. Roam
  16. Darling Clementine
  17. Fred Studio
  18. Norden
  19. Urban Agriculture
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