Sight Unseen Offsite is one of the most important shows for independent designers. Set up as a gallery exhibition on the ground floor of 100 Avenue of the Americas in SoHo, the event features 25 of the most innovative American designers working today. Unlike other shows where a participant or two may feel out of place, this one is almost dictatorially refined and tightly curated with the sharp eye of the Sight Unseen editors.

Offsite selects are the show’s favorites this year.

Light by Ben & Aja Blanc.
Lights by Crosby Studios.

Stark rendering-like shapes and colors were accompanied with all things round and rounded. Anything one could imagine to bend, did end up bent. Round lights, round mirrors, round tables with round cutouts, round vases, round stools — a most condensed celebration of roundness you’ll ever find.

Side tables by Pieces.

Lights by Areti.

Vignette by Eny Lee Parker.
Mirrors by Another Human.
Chairs by Twns Studio.

Attend Sight Unseen Offsite
May 20: 11 a.m. to 6:30, May 21: 11 a.m. to 7
100 Avenue of the Americas, SoHo (Map it)
Register to attend ($10)
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