A group exhibition opening this Thursday in Red Hook, organized by Foam museum of photography from Amsterdam, features the work of 20 young photographers selected out of hundreds of applicants. These artists represent a new generation of innovative image-makers under the age of 35 — and here’re some of my favorites.

↑ Harit Srikhao (Thailand) #haritsrikhao

↑ Kai Oh (South Korea)
↑ Sadegh Souri (Iran) @sadegh_souri
↑ Vasantha Yogananthan (France) @vyogananthan
↑ Ben Schonberger (USA) @benschonberger
↑ Viacheslav Poliakov (Ukraine) @viacheslav.poliakov
↑ Alix Marie (France) @afnmarie
↑ Erik Madigan Heck (USA) @erikmadiganheck
↑ Clément Lambelet (Switzerland) @clement_lambelet
↑ Quentin Lacombe (France) @quentin_lacombe
↑ Thomas Kuijpers (The Netherlands) #ThomasKuijpers
↑ Weronika Gęsicka (Poland) @wgesicka
↑ Alinka Echeverría (Mexico/UK) @alinkaecheverria
↑ Mark Dorf (USA) @mrkdrf 
↑ David De Beyter (France) #daviddebeyter

↑ Sushant Chhabria (India) @sushantchhabria

Foam Talent Show

Organized by foam.org

March 22–April 8
Red Hook Labs (Red Hook, Brooklyn)
133 Imlay St. | View in map

Opens Thursday, March 22 6—9 p.m. with music by Amsterdam-based DJ Cris Dijkman.
➾ RSVP to attend 


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