Six Planners for a Messy Mind

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I’m a terrible planner. My intentions, goals, and resolutions often go down the drain. I miss trains, meetings, and my Netflix payments. I forget to call my mom. Gosh, I even forget to eat sometimes. I’ve tried post-it notes, Google Cal, iCal, my wrist, pieces of paper, and reminders — none worked.

This time, I decided to leave the smart new apps behind and focus on the most basic, comprehensive and historically proven tool used by extremely-confident-people: the good old paper planner. I picked some of my favorite planners for 2017, and marched on for a planning field trip — boosted up with some good espresso.


1. Hightide

Iris planner by Japanese company Hightide is compact, with a versatile PVC cover with a surprise pocket, a pen holder, and a side flap to quickly locate the current page and two bound bookmarks. The weekly view has no indication of hours but plenty of to-do checkboxes for a goal-oriented mind. (Espresso @birchcoffee)



2. Mark’s × Monocle

Similar to Iris, Mark’s+Monocle Pocket Planner is the most versatile planner with subway maps to major cities for a business traveller, a dictionary of five languages, conversion charts and a world time chart. Your goals and plans will be safe in a PVC cover that can withstands all winds and rains. (Espresso @tobysestatecoffee).

Monocle Shop (535 Hudson St., Manhattan)


3. Shinola

Runwell Planner by Shinola. Shinola’s Runwell planner is the sturdiest of all, with its linen hardcover and smyth sewn binding normally found in book publishing. It features monthly and weekly formats, lists moon phases, major holidays and a yearly birthday calendar.

Shinola Store (177 Franklin St., Manhattan)


4. Poketo

Daily Weekly Monthly Planner by Poketo. is a smart and sustainable pick — it’s open-dated, so you can start using it at any time which also makes it disorienting for a mind that’s seeking an external force to guide it through the year. Includes a world map and abundant pages for notes.



5. Muji

Monthly Weekly Notebook by Muji opens up as a spread that combines weekly agenda for scheduling plans with a blank sheet to sketch and doodle. A perfect planner to keep open on your desk.

All five Muji stores in New York


6. Appointed

The monthly planner by Appointed is smart and simple, perhaps too simple: it’s open-dated which allows to start planning from any month of the year. Feels more like a companion to another more disciplined planner. To boot are linen bookcloth cover and recycled stock that resists ink bleed through.



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