There are only a few things more pleasurable than a long city walk, watching a great overlooked indie film, and not having to enter a crowded chain-store on a Black Friday. Hence, I was not going to miss Amazon’s Prime Day — largest sale of the year with thousands of goods available at special prices (and no awkward checkout lines). If you’re like me (you don’t buy often but you buy the great things that tickle your mind,) than this selection is for you.

1. Kindle Paperwhite

I’ve owned a multitude of Amazon’s e-ink readers, generation after generation — by now it’s my primary reading tool where I store my books, highlights, and notes. I guess it’s time for an update?

$120 → $80
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2. Raleigh City Bike

When I lived in Amsterdam a few years ago, I got seduced by the local biking culture. Since then, along with my walks, every once in a while, I would hop on a bike to cruise the city farther beyond its limits. This bike by Raleigh is a single-speed, but impeccably-made and let’s not hide it — well-priced.

$375 → $280
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3. Essential Phone

A few months ago I was invited to a private rooftop party for a presentation of a new phone brand. Curious, I showed up last minute, grabbed a glass of rosé and picked up the device — a slightly heavy, sturdy, beautifully manufactured piece of design that was running the most stripped version of Android I’ve seen. I loved the phone but the initial tag of almost $1,000 puzzled me quite a bit. Now, if I didn’t upgrade to iPhone 8 Plus, I would have definitely ventured into the world of Android OS, with a beautiful bridge provided by Essential.

$375 → $280
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4. Rivet Loveseat

Nothing sets up for a perfect film night than a comfy seat (like that Friday night brush-up on François Truffaut’s hits). This hand-tufted velvet loveseat may help.

$800 → $660
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5. Edifier Audiophile Speakers

After a thousand times of listening to anything from Beethoven’s symphony live at a concert hall, to a small experimental electronic concert at Le Poisson Rouge, you inevitably start to appreciate good sound. You start craving this crisp, balanced, nuanced sound where each instrument sounds both independent and in accordance with the group. This pair of bookshelf speakers from Edifier will boost your appreciation of good sound with its 5.5 Subwoofers and 120-Watt sound  plus Bluetooth connectivity to cut down on wires.

$350 → $279
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6. ViewSonic Home Theater Projector

Ever since I discovered the immersive magic of home theater projectors, I’ve been wondering — why the rest of the world is still opting for tiny, overprices, antique television sets? This ViewSonic projector is much loved on Amazon reviewers for its 300-inch picture, bright colors (3200 lumens), and Full-HD resolution. So get one and make sure to check out Filmstruck for some classic film suggestions.

$590 → $440
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7. Ovalware Cold Brew Maker 

After so much religious loyalty I’ve been paying to espresso, it may look like a change of plans with this cold brew maker from Ovalware. Far from it — in fact, I found that drinking cold brew in the morning and espresso in the afternoon makes up for the best caffeine balance throughout the day, especially at this summer’s scorching afternoons. This cold brew maker is fairly simple and is supposed to brew 70% less acidic coffee. Once brewed, a special seal will keep the flavor of the drink for up to 2 weeks. Cheers!

$30 → $TBD
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8. Reehut Yoga Mat

A good stretch in the mornings and evenings can sometimes turn my whole day. I’m not doing proper yoga or taking classes — just Youtube videos. Either way, it’s a much more effective drill if done on a good mat. This one from Reehut seems just right.

$18 → $11
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Prime Day ends at 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, July 17. What are you going to get? Comment below.