A Day in Providence, Rhode Island

In the midst of New York’s swelter, I hopped on a bus to Rhode Island to spend a day in the home town of one of RISD, one of the most interesting design schools today, and to saunter around Providences’s diverse and peculiar neighborhoods.

All local buses are equipped to carry bikes — I wonder if they obstruct driver’s view
“Not a public way” is one of a few common local signs that confuse more than explain

Cellar Stories is the largest shop for used books in Rhode Island
Cellar Stories is heavy on hobby literature — fishing, golfing, aviation
The Promenade, an apartment complex built in a converted factory. Studios start at $1,500 a month

Benches made of perforated metal
AS220 is a powerful local arts organizations, a gallery and a workshop space for local artists and designers
The Dean hotel (122 Fountain St) offers tasteful and exquisite lodging — with a coffee shop in the lobby

Bus stops are marked alphabetically — simple to identify and give directions
Harry’s Bar (121 N Main St.) serves one of the best selections of craft beers in town. I enjoyed a citrus IPA

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