I love screenprinting: like any physical creative process it allows to learn not only about the printing itself but also about composition, matching colors, production techniques, and material qualities. There are quite a few silkscreen studios in New York, but I’ve been a frequent visitor to one — Bushwick Print Lab — and hardly ever changed my mind. I stopped by at their DIY printing party to grab a beer and brush up on my screens.

Bushwick Print Lab

Bushwick Print Lab, Studio #204 | Ridgewood
1717 Troutman St. | View map
Enter by Troutman St. and Cypress Ave., buzz 204 and walk up to the second floor

Open Mond, Wed, Fri, Sat 12—8, Sun 2—8, Closed Tue and Thu

Schedule a Print Session

$20 per hour or $50 per day (up to 6 hours)
Email info@bushwickprintlab.org to set up an appointment.

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