A Radical Art Show at an Office Tower Next to United Nations

Using underused and atypical New York City spaces to challenge the traditional landscape of the art market, this year’s Spring/Break Art Show takes place in Midtown Manhattan opposite the iconic United Nations building. The theme behind all 85 projects on showcase is “Fact and Fiction” .

The show is located in the new office towers right next to the UN Building. Prepare to take a walk from the nearest subway station (from Grand Central or 53rd Street stations)
The show is located entirely on 2nd floor and starts with a humble corridor
As you wander from space to space, more and more areas open up and are often hard to navigate

Show info

Spring/Break Art Show
March 5—10, 2019

Location & arrival
866 UN Plaza (Midtown)
866 United Nations Plaza (and 47 St.) | View in map

  • On arrival, your bag will be checked by security.
  • Take elevator to 2nd floor where the show begins.
  • Restrooms and coffee are available on the floor

Daily, 11 am to 7 pm

$20 at the door or online

Instagram: @springbreakartshow

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