Six Planners for a Messy Mind

I’m a terrible planner. My intentions, goals, and resolutions often go down the drain. I miss trains, meetings, and my Netflix payments. I forget to call my mom. Gosh, I…

Making Notebooks at At Ace Hotel

There’s nothing more fascinating than learning how something you’ve been using for a long time is made. I couldn’t miss an opportunity to stop by at the Ace Hotel this…

Design Futures

I’m more interested in posing problems, not solving them. To reimagine the future, one must go beyond the known disciplines. Design can enhance our lives in some beautiful and poetic…

Work Wanders

Right now, I’m homeless.
I’m not an introvert, but I’m not an extrovert either.
Balance is always a good idea.

New York Design Week 2016

This year, the stagnant trends shattering not only interior but some other design industries are overshadowed by finer and less noticeable experimentation. Instead of radical shapes and materials — a careful…

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