Exploring Warwick, NY

Warwick is a wonderful town for a beginner Upstate exploration — it’s relatively close to New York City and has the character of a person you’ve known for a long time and yet they won’t stop surprising you every once in a while. Here’re some of my favorite details and places in town.

A common architectural type of home in Warwick


Noble Pies (121 NY-94), on the edge of the town, serves fresh homemade sweet and savory pies using local natural ingredients



Two words that can sum up my life


Minimal and delightfully sharp signage in the center of Warwick


Trash bin



Local hydrant


Electric lighting stylized as candles


Local pharmacy



Wawayanda Creek piercing through Warwick


The Tuscan Cafe is a local hangout and one of the very few places serving espresso



Bins by the Warwick Sanitation


Wooden type sign



Ye Olde Warwick Book Shoppe is a large, airy, and cozy bookshop with a handful curation of new fiction and non-fiction plus architecture and design titles



Collection of bookmarks at Ye Olde Warwick Book Shoppe


The shop is featuring two latest titles by local Afghan-American writer Nadia Hashimi


Sign in front of Yesterdays, a local bar



International Harvester Scout II spotted on the streets of Warwick


The smallest chair on Earth




Conscious Fork, a vegetarian cafe serving great juices and pastry




Inside Albert Wisner Public Library named America’s best small library in 2016. It indeed feels more like a coworking space than a library



That view!


Lights at Albert Wisner Public Library


Two miles south of Warwick, the recently opened Pennings Farm Cidery is offering a treat of freshly made cider right on the premises










Just the right time to catch my ride and head back to the city

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