Exploring the Emerging Creative Class in Woodstock, NY

My knowledge of Woodstock, NY has long been limited to a combination of prejudice and hope: I watched clips and seen photos of the legendary festival and have since imagined the streets of the town to be walked by long-haired hippies in acid-magenta flannel shirts with guitars and smokes in their hands. Knowing how urban culture evolves over time I couldn’t leave those thoughts unproven, so I headed up to Woodstock to explore the scene.

Entering the town, one immediately knows they are in Woodstock


Long fought for liberal values present themselves in the signs like these

I stopped by at Bread Alone, a charming bakery serving excellent espresso and sandwiches




The Tea Shop serves soothing blends from Harney & Sons and other brands
Grace Tokyo is a hat shop — designer and owner lives in Tokyo and sends out the latest hat designs to Woodstock
Some of the hats are beyond creative, in any sense of that word


Colony is Woodstock’s primary music and event venue, or as the locals call it “The Smartest Rendezvous in The Catskills”

Upcoming performances at Colony
Shindig, a minimal lunch spot

Old Spokes Home is a bike shop and a non-profit with a most wonderful sense of humor

The Golden Notebook, Woodstock’s only general bookstore
Woodstock General Supply offers design goods and minimal basics

Shop Little House is my favorite discovery — filled with a well-curated selection of new and vintage goods, books, and a record player that is actually plying records

Owner of Shop Little House Jojo Ans
A step out, and I’m reminded that I’m in Woodstock
Another wonderful discovery — Pacama Handmade offering a minimal selection of hand-crafted furniture and locally made home goods
Owner of Pacama Handmade Cedric Martin
One of the world’s most charming police stations is located in Woodstock
D-DAY is an avant-garde concept store — owners Asa and Jodi have collaborated on custom-made leather goods, textiles and jewelry
D-DAY label
Woodstock amuses with city details, like this pavement section handmade by an artist
Buy for now, Woodstock


Getting to Woodstock, NY

Bus: Approx. 3 hours | $60 round trip (See schedule)
Car: Approx. 2 hours
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