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Days Off

When your flight takes off at 7 a.m., guess who has to be there far earlier? That’s right, the people flying the plane. If you love being up in the air, consider training to become a pilot. Plus, the travel perks of the job are huge. The qualifications are rigorous to become a commercial or private pilot, and you’ll have to pass extensive training and be able to pass a pilot physical. While many commercial pilots have extensive military backgrounds, not all private pilots do.

From 14 Awesome Jobs for Morning People by The Penny Hoarder.

Cons Active

Biologist Christoph Randler surveyed 367 university students, asking what time of day they were most energetic and how willing and able they were to take action to change a situation to their advantage. A higher percentage of the morning people agreed with statements that indicate proactivity, such as “I spend time identifying long-range goals for myself” and “I feel in charge of making things happen.”

From Defend Your Research: The Early Bird Really Does Get the Worm by HBR.

To Snooze or Not to Snooze

The alarm goes off, and the immediate temptation is to hit snooze. Go ahead, do it — but then stay out of bed for those next nine minutes. The idea of the so-called “inverted snooze” is to ease the pain of waking up by telling yourself you only have to stick it out for nine minutes. Move around, stretch, start brewing coffee — anything to keep yourself awake. By the time the alarm goes off again you should be awake and alert enough to start your day rather than still grumpy in bed and (likely) hitting snooze again.

From 19 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Becoming a Morning Person by Daily Burn.

On and Off

The morningness–eveningness questionnaire is a self-assessment questionnaire developed by researchers James A. Horne and Olov Östberg in 1976. Its main purpose is to measure whether a person’s circadian rhythm (biological clock) produces peak alertness in the morning, in the evening, or in between. The original study showed that the subjective time of peak alertness correlates with the time of peak body temperature; morning types have an earlier temperature peak than evening types.

From The morningness–eveningness questionnaire.


Classical music is the best way to prep for a long and convoluted day. Especially these (click to see full performances):

1. Mahler’s Ninth
2. Liszt’s Faust Symphony
3. Bruckner’s 6th
4. Mozart’s 29th
5. Brahms’s Fourth

Substantial Aid

Auden, Ayn Rand and Graham Greene had their Benzedrine, the mathematician Paul Erdös had his Ritalin (and his Benzedrine); countless others tried vodka, whisky or gin. But there’s only one that has been championed near-universally down the centuries: coffee. Beethoven measured out his beans, Kierkegaard poured black coffee over a cup full of sugar, then gulped down the resulting concoction, which had the consistency of mud; Balzac drank 50 cups a day. It’s been suggested that the benefits of caffeine, in terms of heightened focus, might be offset by a decrease in proficiency at more imaginative tasks.

From Rise and shine: the daily routines of history’s most creative minds by the Guardian.


Are people more moral in the morning than in the afternoon? We propose that the normal, unremarkable experiences associated with everyday living can deplete one’s capacity to resist moral temptations. In a series of four experiments, both undergraduate students and a sample of U.S. adults engaged in less unethical behavior (e.g., less lying and cheating) on tasks performed in the morning than on the same tasks performed in the afternoon. This morning morality effect was mediated by decreases in moral awareness and self-control in the afternoon.

From The Morning Morality Effect: The Influence of Time of Day on Unethical Behavior.

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