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New Canaan, Connecticut may be one of the very few small towns worth taking a long trip to explore. Located just 50 miles from Manhattan, the town is home to two of my favorite architectural sites on the East Coast: Grace Farms (designed by Japanese firm SANAA), and The Glass House (designed by the late architect Philip Johnson). The latter, constructed in 1949 was indeed made of glass, with a door on each wall — for stunningly exposing 360 views. Philip Johnson lived in the house until he passed away in 2005. Today, the site is a museum and a gallery space. I couldn’t miss an opportunity to visit the House, along with a private viewing of Robert Indiana’s “One Through Zero” outdoor installation.

We arrived at the Glass House visitor center located in the heart of New Canaan. A quick shuttle ride would bring us to the house itself, tucked in the woods
Designed as a perfect rectangle all-glass walls and 4 doors

Outdoor lights

Adjacent to the house is an outdoor pool
The installation made of 6-foot-high steel numbers, symbolizing a human lifespan

Innovative snacks by Laila Gohar in conjunction with the installation’s theme

A little Veuve Clicquot will never impair the sensibility of art
The Pavilion in the Pond was constructed next to the house, originally part of an illuminated fountain including a water jet with a twenty foot tall fountain spray
Philip Johnson’s inspiration for the Sculpture Gallery was, in part, the Greek islands and their many villages marked by stairways. Johnson remarked that in these villages, “every street is a staircase to somewhere.”
Inside the glass house — the best view of the sunset

The Glass House

199 Elm St, New Canaan, CT (Show on map)
Open Monday, Thursday—Saturday 9—6, and Sundat 12—6
+1 203-594-9884

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