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It’s fascinating to see the printed magazine scene enriched with new voices and creative energy. The shelves at my local downtown stand are groaning under an eclectic stream of “issue 1” from all possible countries and regions of the world. I’ve scouted for some new titles — here’re 21 of them — read, dissected, and stress-tested by my bookshelf. The ratings represent the overall amount of curiosity you’ll be able to feed.


magazine spine rating.001

1. Benji Knewman

With a tagline “Life that you can read” the magazine playfully combines languages and stories about fascinating people who don’t pretend and who can simply be.
benjiknewman.com20pxCountry and year: Latvia, 2014
Language: Latvian, Russian, English
Topics: history, lifestyle
Editor: Agnese Kleina
Subscription: 2 a year / $30

fiveCurious rating



IMG_1797magazine spine rating.002

2. Luncheon

A style and culture magazine that invites old and new friends of all generations and cultural experiences to share their views, life and work over lunch. From simple jam sandwiches in the park to home-cooked feasts, to hours spent in chic restaurants, the conversation and visual content is inspired by this midday treat created by a top-table of writers, photographers and artists.
luncheonmagazine.com20pxCountry and year: UK, 2016
Language: English
Topics: culture, fashion, food
Editor: Frances von Hofmannsthal
Subscription: 2 a year / $10 an issue
fourCurious rating




magazine spine rating.003

3. Drift

Drift is a new print magazine devoted to coffee culture. As each issue takes the reader to a different city across the globe, magazine’s writers and photographers dive into what makes a city’s coffee scene tick.
driftmag.com20pxCountry and year: US, 2015
Language: English
Topics: coffee, culture, photography
Editor: Adam Goldberg
Subscription: 2 a year / $60
threeCurious rating




magazine spine rating.004

4. The Eighty-Eight

An occasional magazine for the adventurous thinker. Essays, stories and pictures curated by Jamie Cullum.
the88journal.com20pxCountry and year: UK
Language: English
Topics: design, literature, music
Editor: Jamie Cullum
Subscription: 2 a year / $13 each
threeCurious rating




magazine spine rating.005

5. Design Anthology

Design Anthology is Asia’s premier interiors, design, architecture and urban living magazine.
designanthologymag.com20pxCountry and year: Hong Kong, 2014
Language: English
Topics: interior, design, travel
Editor: Suzy Annetta
Subscription: 4 a year / $40
twoCurious rating




magazine spine rating.006

6. Ambrosia

Ambrosia explores the lighter side of a region’s cuisine. Through interviews, photo essays, and step-by-step recipes from its great chefs, Ambrosia eats its way through a region, from roadside stands to Michelin-starred restaurants, and pinpoints what sets the region’s cuisine apart and helps you prepare its healthier dishes at home.
ambrosiamag.com20pxCountry and year: US, 2015
Language: English
Topics: food
Editor: Adam Goldberg
Subscription: 2 a year / $50
threeCurious rating



magazine spine rating.007

7. Lobby

Produced by The Bartlett School of Architecture’s students, the magazine dwells on architectural design and theory, especially focusing on new perspectives and opposing view on the subject.
bartlettlobby.com20pxCountry and year: UK
Language: English
Topics: architecture, culture
Editor: Regner Ramos
Subscription: $13 an issue
fiveCurious rating




magazine spine rating.008

8. Hello Mr.

Hello Mr. is the overdue response to the unending clichés that surround gay lifestyle publications. It’s relevant material for a group of discerning individuals with an evolved range of interests. A chronicle of everyday life, and the narratives which define it.
20pxCountry and year: US, 2013
Language: English
Topics: culture, literature
Editor: Ryan Fitzgibbon
Subscription: 2 a year / $20 an issue
fourCurious rating




magazine spine rating.009

9. The Happy Reader

The Happy Reader is a new kind of magazine about reading for anyone who wishes to stay inspired, informed and entertained. With beautiful typography, the magazine is a design object which celebrates the pure pleasure of reading and the calming luxury of being offline.
thehappyreader.com20pxCountry and year: UK, 2014
Language: English
Topics: literature
Editor: Seb Emina
Subscription: 4 a year / $22
fiveCurious rating




magazine spine rating.010

10. Nang

Nang is an English-language 10-issue magazine which covers cinema and cinema cultures in the Asian world with passion and insight.
nangmagazine.com20pxCountry and year: South Korea, 2016
Language: English
Topics: cinema
Editor: Davide Cazzaro
twoCurious rating




magazine spine rating.011

11. Peeps

Peeps Magazine puts culture and context before events, bringing investigative stories from corners around the world, offering readers engaging analysis and authoritative insight into contemporary human affairs.
20pxCountry and year: Canada, 2015
Language: English
Topics: culture, travel, anthropology
Editor: Aliah El-houni
Subscription: 2 a year / $22 an issue
fiveCurious rating




magazine spine rating.012

12. Delayed Gratification

World’s first Slow Journalism magazine. It’s a beautiful printed quarterly publication which revisits the events of the previous three months to see what happened after the dust settled and the news agenda moved on. It boasts fascinating longform journalism from some of the world’s best writers, alongside glorious data visualisations, photography and original cover art.
slow-journalism.com20pxCountry: UK
Language: English
Topics: current affairs
Editor: Marcus Webb & Rob Orchard
Subscription: 4 a year / $76
twoCurious rating




magazine spine rating.013

13. Fête

A minimal magazine about life well-lived, covering home, food, and lifestyle.
20pxCountry and year: Australia
Language: English
Topics: design, culture, food
Editor: Annabelle Kerslake
Subscription: 4 a year / $15 an issue
twoCurious rating




magazine spine rating.014

14. Fiera

Fiera is the independent biannual magazine discovering new talent at the world’s design fairs. New designers still believe in the impossible – a crucial trait if design is going to help some of the problems, large and small, that we face today. Fiera exists to make sure their ideas reach a wider audience.
fieramagazine.com20pxCountry and year: UK, 2014
Language: English
Topics: trade, interior, design
Editor: Katie Treggiden
Subscription: 2 a year / $40
twoCurious rating




magazine spine rating.015

15. Makeshift

Makeshift is a magazine dedicated to uncovering hidden creativity around the world with a focus on under-the-radar stories of entrepreneurs who use innovation and design to solve problems and improve their local communities.
mkshft.org20pxCountry and year: US, 2012
Language: English
Topics: culture, craft, creativity, city
Editor: Myles Estey
Subscription: 4 a year / $50
fourCurious rating




magazine spine rating.016

16. Offscreen

Offscreen is a periodical with an in-depth look at the life and work of digital creators — captured in enduring print. It tells the less obvious human stories of creativity, passion and hard work that hide behind every interface.
offscreenmag.com20pxCountry and year: Australia, 2012
Language: English
Topics: creative routine, web design
Editor: Kai Brach
Subscription: 4 a year / $20 an issue
fiveCurious rating




magazine spine rating.017

17. The Great Discontent

Featuring candid interviews with those who create. Focusing on beginnings, creativity, and risk, TGD provides a memorable look into the lives of its subjects via long-form interviews and short features collected into a beautifully designed print artifact.
20pxCountry and year: US, 2014
Language: English
Topics: design, creative routine, music
Editor: Tina Essmaker
Subscription: 3 a year / $25 an issue
threeCurious rating




magazine spine rating.018

18. New Philosopher

New Philosopher is filled with culture, philosophy, sociology and art that will bend your mind and change the way you view the world around you.
Country and year: Australia, 2013
Language: English
Topics: philosophy, society, culture
Editor: Zan Boag
Subscription: 4 a year / $15 an issue

fiveCurious rating




magazine spine rating.019

19. The Pitchfork Review

A quarterly print publication of long-form feature stories, photography, design, cartoons and other ephemera, The Pitchfork Review documents music culture, past and present.
thepitchforkreview.com20pxCountry and year: US, 2013
Language: English
Topics: music
Editor: Ryan Schreiber
Subscription: 4 a year / $50
threeCurious rating




magazine spine rating.020

20. Works That Work

Works That Work is a new international design magazine that looks beyond mere portfolios, a magazine dedicated to inspiration and observation, to conditions and contexts, a kind of National Geographic of design.
Country and year: Netherlands, 2013
Language: English
Topics: creativity, travel
Editor: Peter Biľak
Subscription: 2 a year / $20 an issue

fiveCurious rating





21. Brygg

Exploring inspiring people and places trough the prism of coffee culture.
bryggmagasin.no20pxCountry and year: Norway, 2014
Language: English
Topics: coffee, travel, multi-sensory design
Editor: Lene Haugerud
Subscription: 2 a year / $35
fiveCurious ratingpng


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