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Enamel painted street signs

A serene, almost abandoned town North of Hudson 2.5-hour ride from NYC may be an unlikely destination for an occasional explorer. For the most part the town of Kinderhook, the birthplace of Martin Van Buren (America’s eighth president), is an uneventful array of stunning homes with colored doors and exquisite enamel street signs.

Just a few steps in, a beautiful grand building pops up — once a school — tastefully converted into one of the most important and fascinating art galleries in the country. Remodeled by Jack Shainman, one of the most prominent art dealers of today. The 30,000 sq. feet space with its multiple galleries hosts an array of contemporary works from North America, East Asia, and Africa.

Other than the two banners outside, little signifies what’s inside the building

A piece by Beverly Fishman — one of my favorites

The current exhibition, “The Coffins of Paa Joe and the Pursuit of Happiness”, approaches the making and collecting of art as a means of transcendence

Fire escape exit
Some of the inner walls of the school remain in their original state
Books by the artists featured in the exhibition

The current exhibition, “The Coffins of Paa Joe and the Pursuit of Happiness” is on view until the end of the year. See the list of works and artists on view.

The School

25 Broad St., Kinderhook, NY
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Open Saturdays 11—5

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