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If there is only one word that describes the visual culture of the tiny village of Cold Spring, that would be colorful. Even on a soggy winter day, home facades, store signs, and city details radiantly pop up on every corner.

Cold Spring Apothecary, a charming space for body goods
Located inside the apothecary, The Pantry is one of the very few decent espresso bars in town
House-made juices and cold brews

Old Souls, a rustic, serene, nature-inspired lifestyle store would probably be a must stopover for Henry David Thoreau

Out on the street store signs are bright and playful

Passing by Barber and Brew, you may think it’s just a barbershop — but there is no trick in the name. Walk inside and you’ll see a cozy modern bar, perfect for an afternoon drink

At Flowercup Wine shop, wine is an object of curiosity — with impeccable curation of vintages from around the world (including my favorite Greek Agrioritiko) and helpful explanations behind each bottle’s taste and pairing.

Latest addition — Herisson rosé wine by Moutard-Diligent

Another place for explorers and nature lovers, Cold Spring General Store, at its new location across the street, has an entire corner dedicated to cabin living






Pink Olive, a new local outpost of one of my favorite stationery shops




Another magical color combination found on one of the houses by Main Street




Local community center
Entrance to West Point Foundry Preserve, where in the 1800s hundreds of workers produced America’s first steam engines, locomotives and ironclad ships, as well as pipes for New York City’s water system. Today it’s a spectacular walking trail.



If you’re in the mood for scavenging rare and interesting books, head to Riverside Books & Prints just under a mile east of Cold Spring — with piles and piles of neatly organized books. Open by appointment only, check their Facebook for details.


A walkway under the railroad leading to the river front

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