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I’m obsessed with chocolate. Until recently, I’ve been savoring exclusively milk kinds but after a tour at Raaka Chocolate in Brooklyn I changed my mind about the dark types. Like fine wine, good dark chocolate is infinitely enjoyable, with its deep taste and flavor. Here are some of my new favorite brands to share with you.

1. K+M Extravirgin Chocolate

California-based duo of chef Thomas Keller and olive oil maker Armando Manni decided to take bean-to-bar chocolate in an innovative direction — each bar comes with the addition of a small organic extra-virgin olive oil in place of cocoa butter. The olive oil adds a silken sheen to the bar and hopefully boosts the antioxidant levels. All of this is hidden behind the minimal and chic typographic package. Each bar is $15.

Shop on Amazon | @kellermannichocolate

2. Eat Chic Chocolates

Brooklyn-based brand has its roots in London, where founder Lotta Andonian started selling peanut butter cups as a side project. Eat Chic Chocolates takes the classic chocolate peanut butter cup to the next level. Using high quality craft chocolate and exotic spices and flavorings from the signature peanut butter cups dusted with Maldon sea salt, to the more adventurous pairings such as lemon-poppyseed cashew butter and cinnamon-tahini. Great news for gluten-free-soy-free-palm-oil-free vegans. All handmade in Brooklyn. Different sets avilable starting at $6 per set of 2 cups.

Shop on | @eatchic

3. Chocolate Naive

My first taste of chocolate from Lithuania is quite a charm and if you are the kind who likes to frame your chocolate wrapping after you’re done eating it, Naive Chocolate got you covered. Every part of the presentation from a foil-stamped colorful box that would sit perfectly on a bookshelf, to the deeply experimental and multi-layered flavors. Bars starting at $9.

Shop on | @chocolatenaive

4. Aigner Chocolates

Founded in 1930, Aigner Chocolates is one of the oldest chocolate and confectionery shops in NYC. Owned by the same family for three generations, the company’s beautiful primary shop is located in Forrest Hills, Queens. Among all the great types they have to offer, chocolate-covered pretzels are by far the best I’ve ever tasted.

Shop on | @aignerchocolates

5. Raaka

While many chocolate makers roast their beans, Raaka decided to focus on raw chocolate — and got to do it very well. With their uncommon and deep flavors and creative approach to production (some beans are kept in Bourbon casks for the flavor), every bar is an symphony of taste.

Shop on Amazon | @raakachocolate

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