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Throughout my travels, I have rarely been asked “What brings you to our town?”. In Harrisburg, PA, I was asked this questions at least five times. Though it’s the capital of Pennsylvania state, the city has been a low-key destination for tourists and city explorers despite its rich urban beauty and exceptional craft beer scene. Here I captured some of my favorite city scenes and culture spots.

The Midtown Scholar, a large bookstore, and cafe with book alleys, events, and a balcony.
Broad Street Market, the city’s mecca for fresh local food, coffee and artisanal goods.

Vie Chèvre, local soap brand using goat milk at Broad Street Market

One of the many diverse color combinations in the historic Harrisburg

At st@rtup, a roster of local businesses and entrepreneurs work on their latest projects — for example, Foundry Makerspace helps local schools introduce students to tools and making

Millworks, an eatery & beer garden featuring a full bar, art galleries, craft brews & farm-fresh local fare.

Millworks coasters featuring works by resident artists
A box of beers brewed at Millworks
A shop at Millworks showcasing the latest projects by resident artists — all available to purchase

Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center, a recent project of New Yorker John Traynor combines an innovative music venue and a kitchen
The most common city detail of historic Harrisburg is cast iron window guards

Little Amps Coffee serves one the best espressos in town.
Gamut Theatre Group is a small theatre with a year-long programming heavily focusing on classical themes. The space is located inside an old church and has preserved some of its elements like stunning stained glass windows.
Artistic director at Gamut J. Clark Nicholson

The Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne to the west of Harrisburg hosts one of the most extensive and spectacular antique collections I’ve ever seen — with over 170 vendors.

Cupboard Maker Books is the best destination for a book nerd with hundreds of vintage books arriving every week.

Some of the few rare titles I scavenged

View of the city from Walnut Street Bridge 
Midtown Cinema, local’s favorite indie cinema showing foreign & smaller-release films

At Zeroday Brewing Co. beer is an object of experimentation. The result — one of the most inspiring and unique brews in the city.

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