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In search of new magazine titles from all over the globe, I widened my span to look beyond the indie publishing meccas: New York or London. I was delighted to find an array of titles from Hawaii and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to flip through the pages and share my favorites.

1. Flux

Tagged “The Current of Hawaii” the title explores thoughtful writing on travels, short trips, local artists — with a new theme in every issue (this issue is about Movement). Aimed at the intelligent reader who has Hawaii at top of mind, Flux magazine informs about where to go, what to see, and how to respond to a world in flux. A wonderful curated look at island arts, culture, style, travel, and design. | @fluxhawaii
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A fascinating feature on the power of walking
A guide to walking routes and places to explore in Honolulu
A story about Hawaii’s famous recording studio

2. Hale

In the Hawaiian language, hale (pronounced huh’-leh) translates to “home” or “host”. The title is an intimate expression of the aloha spirit and a reflection of the hospitality of the Ko Olina resort — the only place where you can pick up to read the title. This issue explores the world of young Hawaiian lifeguards and the history of the Palehua region.

Available exclusively at Ko Olina resort in Kapolei, HI

Map of Ko Olina resort and places to explore in the vicinity

3. Lei

Lei is the traditional Hawaiian symbol of love and friendship. The title is unique for the area and welcomes, entertains, and gives thanks to queer travelers before, during, and after their journeys to Hawaii. From LGBT rock climbing club to the best novel places for food and explorations. | @leiculture
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Feature about Out on the Rocks, Hawaii’s first LGBT rock climbing club
A guide to beautiful and eclectic local shops

4. Living

Focused on the art of living well in Hawaii, each fresh issue of Living magazine is placed in all 453 guest rooms and suites of Halekulani (Hawaii’s most acclaimed hotel) as well as mailed to preferred guests and select recipients. This issue features a story about Yosihiko Sinoto — a man who laid the foundation of modern archaeology in the Pacific as well as a visual piece about the booming culture of Japanese whiskey in Honolulu.

Published tri-anually and available exclusively to guests at Halekulani hotel in Honolulu, HI

A feature of the current show at Honolulu Museum of Art

A city guide to local designer’s favorite shops and food places

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