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Ever since I upgraded my iPhone to 8 Plus I have been wondering about wireless charging. Is having another device on your desk for charging really easier than using a thin cable for charging? Will the phone take longer to charge? Can I use my phone while it’s charging? The latest addition on my desk — a wireless charger from an obscure manufacturer in China, ESR — was bound to let me go through the experience for less than $20.

The delightfully simple packaging and the visual simplicity of the device itself kicked off my experience on a good note

Wireless charging still requires a charger to be plugged into a power source: the flat cable on this device will never get tangled in your bag and the handy rubber strap keeps it in place

Somehow, no power outlet adapter is included — not a problem for me, since I generally use chargers in the field (on coworking desks and cafes as I roam around the city)


Charging begins as soon as you place your phone on the surface, and a soothing green LED light glows indicating so — but only for about a minute. ESR charger is capable of charging through cases of any thickness


The charger is very thin (0.22 in) — a perfect companion in travels. Four tiny rubber strips on the charging surface grip the phone in place
The rubber ring in the bottom allows the charger to stay in place


ESR Wireless Charger
Express Prime delivery available (next day)
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