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As if looking for an extra cultural shock I ventured out to Flushing, Queens on the Christmas Day. The neighborhood may look far away from the city if you glance at a map, but in fact one can get there in little time on the convenient 7 train right from Grand Central. Why should you go to Flushing? Because it’s none of the New York City you’ve never seen before.

Flushing is New York’s latest hot spot for new immigrants and that has created an immensely diverse cultural and religious field


New World Mall – one of the many multi-purpose spaces that locals spend time in (don’t be deceived by the word “mall”)
For a stories dinner, take the stairs up in the New World mall for Daxi Sichuan
Morning Glory is a quirky gift and stationery shop with less-known Korean brands

The challenging address convention of Queens is at times doubled in its complexity in Flushing

As if from a different world, Ipda is a small boutique featuring up-and-coming Korean brands

A common detail in Flushing’s main streets is the stairs that are accessible right from the sidewalk and usually lead to businesses tucked above or below the street
Mi Tea is an excellent tea spot from a new Chinese brand featuring innovative brews and ways to prepare the drink
While it usually takes a few minutes for tea to steep, at Mi Tea an innovative lineup of special mixers prepare the drink in a few seconds
The cup in Mi Tea has been fully redesigned and features a very convenient lid
Super HK Supermarket, one of the many diverse food markets in the area
Take the steps down to the basement at Super HK Supermarket for an array of authentic prepared Asian food

I went for shrimp dumplings
The yummy stand at Koryodang, one of the dozens of pastry cafes – a simple stopover for lunch
Newspaper stands featuring free local papers

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