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J Hoard is a Brooklyn–based singer and songwriter within the style of poetic R&B — with his own fierce additions. Beyond performing and teaching, J Hoard is studio–centered. Since the summer of 2015, he has released reflective music intended to provide healing via urban beat production and vibrant melodies. This was first achieved on his EP entitled Feel Good. Here are some of my favorite tracks by J. Hoard.

Latest album
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Genre: Urban/R&B
Release date: October 19, 2018
Total Length: 23 min 17 sec
Producer: Greg Seltzer
Mixing Engineer: Andy Seltzer
Piano: Christian Nourijanian


  1. Rule (feat. Melanie Charles)
  2. Tidal Wave (feat. Rabbi Darkside)
  3. Pain on Repeat
  4. Talk to Me (So Loud)
  5. One Night
  6. Point Never
  7. Wave Rider

Stream on: Amazon | Apple Music | Spotify

Instagram: @jhoardmusic

New music rating

Vocals and lyrics ★★★★★
Instruments and sound ★★★★☆
Video and presentation ★★★☆☆

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