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During my recent Upstate exploration I was delighted to bump into a small village East of Poughkeepsie called Millbrook. With less then 1,500 people living there, you may expect little — an indeed there are just a few stores and houses. But all of the stores seem to be impeccably curated and new places are popping up.

Millbrook Diner is owned by Thanasi Theodoropoulos who purchased it in 1991. It had replaced a 1929 era diner on the same location, as shown on the historic marker outside the diner.
A coffee table inside Alicia Adams Alpaca, an airy store with local-made alpaca wool clothing and home goods
An alpaca mens shirt at Alicia Adams Alpaca ($295)
A charming sign for Canoe Hill, a local bar serving American cuisine
J. McLaughlin, a clothing outpost of a national chain. The company was founded by brothers Kevin and Jay McLaughlin who are from the area
Millbrook House is a new home decor store with an impeccable curation of furniture, accessoriesm ceramics and candles

Sign at Juniper, a small gift boutique by Jennifer Moriarty
Millbrook Antiques Mall offers one of the most tasteful vintage finds I’ve come across
Merritt Bookstore is a local bookshop and toystore — it’s been operating for over 30 years by Scott Meyer, prominent among the local literary community, until he died in 2015. Today the store continues to thrive under a new owner
Upstate Diary, a new publication showcasing Upstate’s creative class and run by Kate Orne, a former fashion and editorial photographer, who moved from Manhattan to the Hudson Valley in 2009

Getting to Millbrook, NY from NYC

  1. Take Amtrac train from Penn Station to Poughkeepsie ($30)
  2. At Poughkeepsie Train Station take Dutchess County Goverment Bus to Millbrook ($2)

Total travel time ~2 hours
See full travel itinerary

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