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When someone suggested that the the world’s largest model train museum is located in Flemington, NJ I was a bit surprised. Yet, curious, I set out for a trip to find out.

In 1972 owner Bruce William Zaccagnino built a small ranch house, with a basement for his hobby. He started this work as a hobby of the model railroad. He added 4 basements to his house to work with a time of 18 years. The 3rd and 4th basement is 3 times bigger than his original house.

The entrance to the museum
An actual train gives tours around the area every once and then
Owner Bruce Williams Zaccagnino
As you walk into the first space (one of many), a whole world of model trains opens up
There’re around 8,000 actual miles of tracks at the museum

495 US Highway 202, Flemington, NJ (View in map)

Sunday – Thursday (10am to 6pm)
Tuesday Closed
Friday – Saturday (10am to 8pm)

Admission $20

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