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On my recent exploration of Long Island City, I was excited to bump into a gallery I’ve been passing by many times — SculptureCenter, a place dedicated to showcasing new and emerging artists working in the sculpture medium.

Originally founded as The Clay Club by Dorothea Denslow, SculptureCenter renamed itself in 1944. In 2001, it purchased a former trolley repair shop in Long Island City, Queens. The building was redesigned by artist and designer Maya Lin, and includes 6,000 square feet of interior exhibition space and a 3,000 square foot outdoor exhibition space.
Inside the hallway

The lower galleries feature exhibition called In Practice: Other Objects — presenting new work by eleven artists that probes the interplay between objecthood and personhood. From personal belongings to material evidence, sites of memory, and revisionist fantasies.
Artist Aliza Shvarts conducts a comparative analysis on different evidence collection kits used across the United States, engaging clinical and legal modes of testimony and the ways in which the human capacity to speak and be heard is gendered.
Takming Chuang’s unfired and folded clay sculptures stage the complex ways that value is assigned to bodies and objects as they age.
LaMont Hamilton’s multimedia installation comprising dozens of feathers questions how synesthetic experience can enable moments of collective being and move sculpture to an experience of feeling.
Visual artist based in Istanbul Banu Cennetoğlu uses objects, images, texts, and printed matter to continuously scrutinize the position of the artist within the complex geopolitical conditions of our time.

Shows on view

1. Banu Cennetoğlu
January 14—March 25
Read more about the show

2. In Practice: Other Objects
January 14—March 25
Read more about the show

44-19 Purves St., Long Island City
Thursday—Monday, 11 am to 6 pm
Admission: There is a $10 suggested contribution for entry

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