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Using underused and atypical New York City spaces to challenge the traditional landscape of the art market, this year’s Spring/Break Art Show takes place in Midtown Manhattan opposite the iconic United Nations building. The theme behind all 85 projects on showcase is “Fact and Fiction” .

The show is located in the new office towers right next to the UN Building. Prepare to take a walk from the nearest subway station (from Grand Central or 53rd Street stations)
The show is located entirely on 2nd floor and starts with a humble corridor
As you wander from space to space, more and more areas open up and are often hard to navigate

Show info

Spring/Break Art Show
March 5—10, 2019

Location & arrival
866 UN Plaza (Midtown)
866 United Nations Plaza (and 47 St.) | View in map

  • On arrival, your bag will be checked by security.
  • Take elevator to 2nd floor where the show begins.
  • Restrooms and coffee are available on the floor

Daily, 11 am to 7 pm

$20 at the door or online

Instagram: @springbreakartshow

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