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You’ve hardly heard about the village of Hobart, hours away Upstate from New York City. In 1999 musician Don Dales decided to buy the storefronts along the Main Street and rent them out cheaply or for free to local book entrepreneurs. Today Hobart boasts 6 separate vintage bookstores, each specializing on a specific category of books.

Most people call Hobart just the “Book Village”
All bookshops in the village open and close at the same time – 11 am to 5 pm daily
Wrapping the books in special archival sheets helps to preserve the condition
Along the way I discovered this wonderful mini-guide to book towns from around the world (you can buy it on Amazon)
WM H. Adams Antiquarian Bookshop spans 3 floors and provides one of the most unique collections of rare editions
An original 1856 map of Delaware County by Jay Gould

Hobart Book Village

State Route 10, Hobart, NY (View in map)
All bookshops open daily 11 am to 5 pm (Until Columbus Day)

List of bookshops:

Adams’ Antiquarian Book Shop

Blenheim Hill Books

Butternut Valley Books

Creative Corner Books

Liberty Rock Books

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